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Founded in Engineering

Rearc was founded with a focus on bringing an inclusive, creative and productive engineering culture to our customers. Founded by engineers from some of the largest financial institutions in the world, Rearc has been able to partner with fortune 100 clients to modernize and adapt their IT assets to take advantage of emerging technologies.


Built on AWS

Rearc publishes data sets on ADX(Amazon Data Exchange) leveraging our internal data platform that we built on AWS.


Born in the Cloud

Rearc was born in the cloud and approaches every problem with a cloud first mindset.

Platform Engineering

Cloud native data platforms bring a wide array of new data technology and remove the scaling limitations that come with an on-prem architecture. Rearc works directly with customers to ensure their data architectures are secure, cost effective, and enabled for scale.

Data Sourcing and Hosting

Integrate with Rearc’s internal data platform built on AWS to aggregate, source, and license data that fits your specific business needs and offloads the development burden of supporting a data platform.

Data Service Enablement

Help minimize the time to value of cloud native tooling by leveraging our internal codebases and delivering with you to maximize adoption.


MLOps is DevOps applied to data and machine learning models.  Rearc will partner with you to bring your POCs to production leveraging modern DevOps practices applied to your data applications

Cloud to AWS

Rearc works with all cloud vendors and has an understanding of how they all work.  We can partner with you to define your multi cloud strategy and migrate existing cloud applications to a new cloud of your choosing.

Data Center to AWS

From application discovery to migration, Rearc can help you get out of your data center to AWS.

Developer Enablement

Build on top of modern CI/CD practices and tooling to build automated developer environments

SRE Center of Excellence

Work directly with Rearc SRE professionals to define and stand up a metric driven operational organization.


Leverage modern security scanning and Gitflow management tooling to enable a shift left for the organization. Integrating directly with developer workflows enables teams to move swiftly and with confidence while building software in the cloud.


Integrate SSO, or other centralized identity tooling into your AWS environment to enable a single pane of glass access across your organization.


Remediate existing over scoped IAM permissions.

Governance and Compliance

Implement AWS native services to align to an automated governance and compliance stance.

Container Security

Automate the security controls across the entire Container ecosystem.  From build, to image, to running containers.

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