Our Journey to the Cloud

Bringing together the best minds in cloud and DevOps to help businesses succeed.

Empowering Engineers

Rearc was founded in 2016 by engineers who helped The Wall Street Journal gain scale and agility by adopting a cloud-native architecture and modern software development practices. We quickly learned that engineers are at the core of any digital transformation and cloud adoption efforts. Since then, we have partnered with several enterprises and startups to help them achieve agility.

Our approach is simple — empower engineers with the best tools possible to make an impact within their industry.

Our Core Values

It is time to disrupt the old way of thinking and implement new technology to forward our collective future.

We can only be successful as a business if our people can think freely, stand up for anything, and challenge the status quo. This is only possible if we never have internal bureaucracy running the show. People at Rearc are always encouraged to speak up if they think there are different ways to solve problems.

Our Culture

Small, sharp teams

We structure ourselves in small, sharp teams. Empowering teams to figure out real problems and deliver on solutions for their customer allows them to make a big impact.

Ownership & Responsibility

Each individual and team at Rearc has ownership of the design and execution of any solutions to the challenges they solve. They are also responsible for the application and outcomes of these solutions.

Engineering mindset

We believe that some of the hardest problems out there can be solved through technology if applied in the right fashion. We want our people to have that engineering mindset while approaching problems big or small to ultimately reach an answer or find new ways of improving something that has already been done before.

Work-life harmony

Building a work environment where people feel empowered, comfortable, and motivated to make an impact is at the core of our culture. At the end of the day, we want people to have a sense of happiness and accomplishment every day. We are committed to our people first.

Our Home

In The City

Our Manhattan office is in the Nomadworks co-working space. It is centrally located, which makes it easy to meet with customers, and features all sorts of modern amenities that make it easy to collaborate with colleagues.

In The Country

Our office in the quiet township of Cranbury, NJ overlooks Main Street, and offers a relaxing contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city.

Partnerships & Accreditations

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