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Cloud Platform Engineering

Building an IT-centric business in the cloud can present big challenges. From selecting the right cloud provider, to building out infrastructure, there are many factors to consider. Rearc has worked with dozens of customers to ensure that their cloud platform is capable, efficient, and robust, and we would be thrilled to work with you as well.

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Data Platform Engineering

Cloud native data platforms bring a wide array of new data technology and remove the scaling limitations that come with an on-prem architecture. Rearc works directly with customers to ensure their data architectures are secure, cost effective, and enabled for scale.

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Leverage modern security scanning and Gitflow management tooling to enable a shift left for the organization. Integrating directly with developer workflows enables teams to move swiftly and with confidence while building software in the cloud.

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DevOps Enablement

Build on top of modern CI/CD practices and tooling to build automated developer environments

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Articles and case studies

Rearc Team

Cloud Governance for Security, Compliance, and Cost

A Fortune 250 insurance company’s migration to the cloud is going full steam ahead across all homegrown and acquired business units. As the access and responsibility for cloud assets was delegated out to more teams beyond the cloud center of excellence, operational risks emerged and costs rose. Sharing best practices, standards, and learnings through word of mouth and wikis become inefficient. It became apparent that a cohesive strategy to secure and govern cloud resources across all cost centers was needed.

Financial Services
Fortune 250
Rearc Team

CI/CD Tooling for AI

ASAPP, an Artificial Intelligence product company in NY has been using CI/CD tools such as Github, CircleCI and Terraform to run build and test automation on publicly hosted Github and CircleCI solutions. With a growing customer base, it became essential to improve and enhance the security and compliance posture in their software development and release lifecycle by building and deploying an internal enterprise CircleCI and internal enterprise Github environment. Additionally, in order to improve visibility into software quality, a need for standard code quality and scanning tool became apparent.

Artificial Intelligence
Platform Eng
Rearc Team

Large Scale M&A Cloud Migration

The Alight M&A Cloud Migration Engagement was a year-long multi-faceted large-scale cloud migration project.

Human Resources
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