Case Study

Cloud Governance


A Fortune 250 insurance company’s migration to the cloud is going full steam ahead across all homegrown and acquired business units. As the access and responsibility for cloud assets was delegated out to more teams beyond the cloud center of excellence, operational risks emerged and costs rose. Sharing best practices, standards, and learnings through word of mouth and wikis become inefficient. It became apparent that a cohesive strategy to secure and govern cloud resources across all cost centers was needed.

The company partnered with Rearc to build out an automated cloud governance strategy. We built custom tools that identified, alerted and remediated deviations from established security, compliance, and cost optimization standards.


  • Developed serverless tools to enforce least privilege in AWS IAM and S3 which help to mitigate risk of unintended access and data leakage.
  • Implemented a solution to focus on cost optimization to make it simple for non-production workloads to run as required instead of 24/7.
  • Delete orphaned resources at regular intervals and enforce required cost ownership tags.


We helped enable scaling the cloud service across multiple teams and business units while achieving operational excellence

  • Helped mitigate data loss risks
  • Enabled controls for security and compliance frameworks
  • Achieved cloud cost optimization at scale
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