Rearc's Values

Our values are the foundation of our culture. They guide our actions and decisions. They are the essence of who we are.

  1. 01

    We are people focused

    Empathy is the foundation of our culture.

    Every individual is heard and valued.

    We are humble servant leaders who always start with empathy.

    We create an environment where our people can wake up excited.

    We have fun!

  2. 02

    We are customer obsessed

    We give care and attention to how our customers experience their interactions with Rearc.

    We actively seek feedback and insights from customers.

  3. 03

    We empower builders

    We empower builders to unleash their creativity.

    We automate and remove heavy lifting.

  4. 04

    We are engineering driven

    Rearc was created by engineers to help solve engineering problems.

    We take an engineering driven approach to solving problems.

    We streamline processes and automate the pain away.

  5. 05

    We take ownership and accountability

    We take full ownership and accountability with autonomy and trust.

    We are empowered with freedom and flexibility.

    We're all leaders and are expected to lead from where we are.

  6. 06

    We experiment, unleash creativity, and strive for excellence

    We have a commitment to excellence, with the perseverance to do hard things.

    We boldly experiment - go deep and wander with the courage to fail.

    Our tools, services, and processes are well oiled machines.

    First mistakes are welcome and adjustments are made.

  7. 07

    We make quick decisions and have a bias for action

    Disciplined execution at speed and action are prioritized over endless discussion. We make fast decision, have a strong sense of urgency, and a bias for action.

    We expect some imperfection in structured chaos and eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy.

    Final authority is given to each leader after factual analysis and feedback.

    Silent disagreement is not acceptable.

  8. 08

    We proactively communicate

    We build trust and transparency by proactively communicating through appropriate channels.

    We share expectations and availability with customers and team members.

    We don't miss deadlines. We always close the loop.

    We provide and expect constructive actionable feedback.

    We share knowledge with each other, our customers, and the world.

  9. 09

    We hire and grow the best talent

    We hire, retain, and grow the best talent based on technical excellence and our values.

    We take responsibility for our individual growth through continuous learning and mentorship.

    Multitudes of perspectives, experiences, and talents amplify creativity.

    Inclusivity is a moral imperative and a strategic advantage.

  10. 10

    We are future minded

    We have a growth mindset and design for the future.

    Long term thinking means investing now for future outcomes.

    We are dedicated to social responsibility.