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Generative AI Quickstart

From honing in on the perfect use case, to configuring the development and deployment environments, to fine-tuning and evaluating models, to hashing out the last few details in production, Rearc is your trusted partner for making production-grade GenAI a reality inside your organization.

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Generative AI Workshops

Workshops are specialized, interactive sessions where businesses come in with an abstract (or pre-defined) problem and leave with a well-architected solution. Each workshop is customized to a business’s generative AI use case of their choice.

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Data Platform Engineering

Cloud native data platforms bring a wide array of new data technology and remove the scaling limitations that come with an on-prem architecture. Rearc works directly with customers to ensure their data architectures are secure, cost effective, and enabled for scale.

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Secure Data Collaboration

Implement data sharing capabilities and best practices within your organization and with partners.

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