Case Study

Cloud Security Posture Modernization


Rearc partnered with Rodo to strengthen their cloud governance program and security posture ahead of new product launches. Rearc delivered a mature organizational structure based on compliance needs, granular security controls, and CSPM integrations, using AWS Control Tower, Organizations, and related services. Ultimately, Rodo was delivered a strong foundation, maturing their cloud security posture and protecting their product portfolio.


Rodo Security Diagram

  • Governance: helped Rodo successfully establish their new and revamped security posture, allowing them to work towards their SOC 2 certification.
  • Observability: integrated Drata with Rodo’s AWS footprint automating compliance validation, and AWS native services for preventive security measures.
  • Account Vending: scalable account creation with access controls, observability, and CSPM integration by default, enabling effortless workload isolation.


  • Strong identity and access management controls meeting NIST IAL2/AAL2 identity verification requirements.
  • A solidified cloud security posture, preparing Rodo for SOC II compliance, and protecting future product launches.
  • Integration with Rodo’s GRC & CSPM tool of choice, Drata, enabling C-Suite visibility into Rodo’s security posture.
  • Rodo’s new products benefit from GRC/CSPM integrations, with automated security and compliance validation.
  • AWS Landing Zone and Account Factory automation for increased workload isolation as Rodo expands their product catalog.
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