Data Services

Data Collaboration and Sharing

Data Collaboration and Sharing is a powerful concept that allows enterprises to unlock unique use cases for their organization. These use cases must be supported with the appropriate design that takes into consideration the security and privacy while still achieving appropriate utility. Rearc can help implement an appropriate solution to meet your Data Collaboration needs.

Use Cases

What are your goals?

Modern Data collaboration and Sharing enable you to drive additional value for your business without giving up control. Data is valuable, but you only see your part of the picture. Working with trusted business partners, you can combine data to drive even greater value for both parties. You might work together to build a new model, research joint customer trends, and more. Your data collaboration and sharing needs are specific. Develop an actionable plan for them with Rearc.

Perform joint analytics and insights with partners

Drive Revenue through Data Products

Share insights across internal business units

Develop new ML models with collaborators


Data Sharing Trade Offs

Different approaches may be required to achieve your needs


How can we help?

Let the experts at Rearc assist you with your Data Collaboration and Sharing needs.


Rearc will work directly with your stakeholders to develop a solution tailored to your use case with the right technical mix.


Privacy of your data is critically important. Rearc has experience with data masking, anonymization, synthetic data and differential privacy. We will implement appropriate approaches for your dataset.

Auditing and Logging

You want to know what is happening to the data being shared with your partners. Rearc will ensure the right information is logged and available for auditing around your use case.


Rearc will work to implement security best practices and ensure appropriate data access controls. Data access will be tightly scoped to the needs of the Data Collaboration and sharing Use Case.


Developing a data collaboration and sharing capability inheriently involves multiple parties. Rearc will help develop testing without involving clients or customers directly.

Tech Stack

Tools that help us deliver the best results.