Case Study

Product Launch


Rearc provided tactical DevOps triage and implementation services for Q5id immediately before their scheduled national product launch. Beginning with a solid yet unscaled platform, Rearc delivered a robust solution including a full migration to Kubernetes.


Q5id Product Launch Diagram

  • Cloud: utilizing resources within both Azure and AWS, Rearc achieved an efficient multi-cloud deployment.
  • Data: Rearc migrated high-touch data assets to a performant open-source data store solution.
  • DevOps: seamless, secure, and repeatable build pipelines were implemented within Azure DevOps.
  • Security: Rearc implemented security best practices within both clouds, providing a secure foundation for growth.


  • Rearc engineers deployed to fill in a DevOps void at a critical time before launch.
  • After initial triage was achieved, customer staff received training from Rearc engineers, empowering them with know-how and confidence to operate their platforms.
  • The product launch intends to provide identity verification as a service to millions of users, and augment existing government AMBER Alerts.
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