It's Time to Take Flight

Join our team of experts to help businesses succeed in the cloud

What we’re looking for

Our mission is to empower engineers to build awesome products and experiences.

We are always looking for engineers who are intrigued about the problem space we are in and want to make a difference. If you are an engineer who likes to solve problems, you’re in the right place!

Our Core Values

It’s time to disrupt the old way of thinking and implement new technology to forward our collective future.

We can only be successful as a business if our people can think freely, stand up for anything, and challenge the status quo. This is only possible if we never have internal bureaucracy running the show. People at Rearc are always encouraged to speak up if they think there are different ways to solve problems.

Small, sharp teams

At Rearc, we structure ourselves in small, sharp teams. Empowering teams to figure out real problems and deliver on solutions for the real customer, allows them to fulfill big impact within their own domain.

Ownership & Accountability

We want to provide each individual and team with ownership and accountability of their domain. For everyone at Rearc, we promote the ability to formulate their own solutions. They are accountable for the execution and outcomes.

Engineering mindset

We believe that some of the hardest problems out there can be solved through technology if applied in the right fashion. We want our people to have that engineering mindset while approaching problems big or small to ultimately reach an answer or find new ways of improving something that has already been done before.

Work-life harmony

Building a work environment where people come feeling empowered, comfortable and motivated to make an impact, is at the core of Rearc culture. At the end of the day, we want people to have a sense of happiness and accomplishment every day. We are committed to our people first.

Why work at Rearc?

Join a culture that encourages sharing of ideas and free-thinking to come to a greater solution collectively.

Our Perks

    • Awesome technical problems to solve – your way!
    • Mentorship from senior engineers and architects
    • Opportunity to work on internal and customer-facing projects
  • Cozy working space on main street Cranbury. You can go for a peaceful stroll and even enjoy an ice-cream with your co-workers overlooking Brainerd Lake
  • Equipment: New Macbook Pro, AirPods and 27″ wide screen monitor
  • Flexibility with remote working
  • Health benefits and 401k plan
  • Generous vacation days

Ready to chat?

If you think you have what it takes to join Rearc let's get in touch!