Cloud is a journey, not a destination.

We can help with your cloud journey and digital transformation efforts by building custom solutions and services tailored to your needs.

Our Approach

We take a holistic path to cloud adoption projects and understand that every enterprise is different in terms of technological and business goals. After assessing your unique technical, financial, and business goals, we help map out an adoption path with a target destination in mind. The cultural and mindset change is equally important when modernizing the tech stack.

Changing Culture

Moving to the cloud is not just a technology evolution, it is a major cultural transformation.

We partner with your technology teams to adopt the right architecture for your cloud environment and business applications by taking into account potential financial and security constraints. We will work with your internal stakeholders to ensure compliance with industry specific regulatory controls. For companies that are new to cloud computing, we focus on ensuring that their cloud environment is secure and well-governed from day one. We tend to promote the “trust but verify” approach by allowing engineers to have the right level of access to be productive but at the same time detect any changes that could compromise the security or cost of running services in the cloud.

Changing Minds

Cloud adoption requires adopting a new mindset.

A big part of that new mindset is adopting modern DevOps patterns and practices. This way of thinking encompasses all the facets of technology ranging from systems, networks, and infrastructure operations to software development practices. Often this involves adopting new development practices, such as containerization and migrating existing monolithic applications to microservices. Empowering engineers to create applications more quickly and safely is a massive advantage. We work closely with your engineering teams to understand pain points and inefficiencies to help design and build the right solution suited for your exact business needs.

Tailored for your needs

Our solutions ensure that enterprise businesses like yours can migrate to the cloud safely and successfully.

Solutions Architecture

We help you design new solutions to meet business requirements and re-architect existing applications to leverage cloud-native architectures.

Cloud Adoption and Governance

We help you develop a strategy for cloud adoption and understand your current IT landscape to define a future target state with a migration plan. We’ll build out the tooling necessary to govern and secure your cloud environment to meet regulatory compliance and information security concerns.

Developer Support

We help build blueprints and reference architectures for cloud applications & data services. Through CI/CD tooling, engineers can build and deploy new and existing apps in the cloud. To ensure engineers can easily live with their applications in the cloud, we provide logging, monitoring, and alerting solutions.

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