Data is your core strength

We can help do the heavy-lifting for your data infrastructure and tooling so you can focus on analytics.

Rearc & AWS Data Exchange

We understand the complexities involved with acquiring data from disparate sources and transforming them to meet your analytical needs. We work with lots of free publicly available datasets and publish them on AWS Data Exchange for our subscribers to consume them in an easy consistent fashion. Our goal is always to remove the heavy lifting involved with acquiring and processing data so you can focus on data-driven insights that matter to your business.

For Data Providers

If you own data and are looking for an effective way to make your data available to your customers leveraging ubiquity of the AWS platform, we can help you get there. We have published several data products from disparate sources and can help build the necessary automation to source, transform and publish your datasets. If you are looking to do it yourself, check out our GitHub repos for inspiration or send us an e-mail at

For Data Consumers

If you are looking to consume data from various sources and feed them into your data pipeline using modern cloud-native data tools, we can certainly help you. As a data scientist, you want to focus on the questions you want to ask and not manage the complex set of data tooling and infrastructure. We have the necessary experience and skill-set to build out data infrastructure tailored to your custom needs.

Tailored for your needs

Our solutions ensure that you can build a data strategy with confidence.

Solutions Architecture

We help you design new data infrastructures and help re-architect your existing infrastructure to leverage cloud-native data analytics and machine learning solutions.

Data Security

We help you develop a strategy for data security, governance and audit. We’ll build out the tooling necessary to govern and secure your cloud environment to meet regulatory compliance and information security concerns.

Engineering Support

We help build blueprints and reference architectures for cloud applications & data services. Through CI/CD tooling, engineers can build and deploy new and existing apps and pipelines in the cloud. To ensure engineers can easily live with their data applications in the cloud, we help build logging, monitoring, and alerting solutions.

Public data sets

If you are looking for an efficient way to consume free publicly available datasets, we can publish them for you and own the life cycle for it.

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