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Rearc customers can now access data through Databricks Delta Sharing, an open standard for secure data sharing.

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With Rearc Data via Delta Sharing, you can access Rearc’s vast library of data products as easily as you access your own organization’s data.

By using Delta Sharing, an open standard for secure data sharing, you can instantly access Rearc’s clean, reliable, and up-to-date data products in a compatible environment like Databricks and integrate seamlessly with the rest of your data analysis or data science infrastructure.

Health & Life Sciences (HLS)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) publishes gigabytes of data each year, but navigating, ingesting, and parsing the right data for your organization can be a huge challenge. We make working with data from the CMS a breeze with products such as the NPPES NPI Directory, CMS Open Payments, and Medicare usage data.

Rearc’s Healthcare & Life Sciences data products give Data teams at healthcare, insurance, and pharmaceutical organizations access to a broad range of medical data via delta sharing. We aggregate the latest data from public and government sources, letting you focus on your core mission.

Medical Vocabularies

Medical vocabularies and dictionaries are indispensable for the study and record of humanity’s health. With diverse use cases like retrospective research, Electronic Health Record (EHR) management, and process improvement, successfully integrating with a medical dictionary can have huge benefits. Rearc eases this process by providing the latest releases of medical dictionaries such as RxNorm and LOINC directly through Delta sharing, reducing the burden of ingesting, integrating, and updating the data yourself.

Social Determinants of Health

Social factors have an enormous impact on the health of a population or community. As healthcare-focused organizations work to better understand how a population’s demographics affects their health outcomes, Rearc makes their job easier with the latest data from the AHRQ and US Census Bureau. We provide data down to the ZIP Code (ZCTA) and Census tract level, as well as county, state, and nationwide aggregates.

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Financial Data

As a financial services firm, a complete picture of the market and its participants is essential to developing and maintaining a competitive advantage. Rearc makes this easy by providing a wide range of economic, financial, and alternative data. Major banks, market providers, and financial services providers rely on Rearc data products, including:

  • Economic data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (FRED)
  • Searchable SEC filings from SEC EDGAR
  • Alternative data from the World Bank and other providers

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

In seeking of a better future for ourselves and our planet, we must work to understand a wide range of data, from weather patterns to electricity consumption and beyond. Enterprise and government interest in this data is growing at an incredible pace, but gathering and harmonizing it into a coherent picture can be challenging. Rearc works to provide data and guidance for ESG initiatives, reducing time-to-insight and time-to-value. Our offerings include:

  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DEI) data packages on access to food, healthcare, and wage parity.
  • Weather data from NOAA
  • Regional power mix and carbon generation data for the US

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