Cloud Migration

Seamless cloud to cloud infrastructure, data, and user migration and cutover


We helped a large IT services company, migrate resources to their AWS environment after an acquisition they made. The customer, Alight, required Rearc’s assistance to migrate business critical applications, millions of users, and tremendous amounts of historical data in 12 months to meet stringent TSA requirements.

Our Approach

Rearc performed an application portfolio assessment and designed a migration strategy for a large acquisition driven technology transfer meeting the Transition Services Agreement (TSA) provisions.  Post planning, Rearc leveraged infrastructure as code to deliver a new cloud landing zone in AWS, built platform capabilities including SCM, SDLC, Observability, Security and DevSecOps.


Rearc leveraged Infrastructure as Code best-practices using Terraform to provision AWS resources. We partnered with the customer to migrate data to the destination cloud environment and worked together to deprecate redundant services to reduce the TCO migrated resources. Landing zones were created leveraging as many AWS native features as possible to minimize cost and management overhead. The majority of infrastructure needs were met using Amazon VPCs with AWS Elastic Load Balancers, Amazon EC2 instances and Amazon RDS, with additional security and management needs met by leveraging tools such as Amazon Cloudwatch, AWS CloudTrail, and AWS Well-Architected.


Rearc successfully migrated a large portfolio of business critical applications and data in 12 months meeting stringent TSA requirements. Active users were migrated over a series of cutovers without any customer impact. Internal users and technology staff were trained on new tools and systems. Finally, the new cloud environment is efficient and performant, savings millions of dollars a year in technology costs.

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