Built an internal platform that allows developers to run container-based microservices


Typically, a new software project at a Fortune 250 insurance company requires an engineer to create a source code repository, a wiki space, a project board, continuous integration & delivery pipeline, an infrastructure stack along with operational monitoring, logging and alerting. Each task is handled via service tickets by various teams within the technology organization. It would take engineers inordinate amount of time and effort to bootstrap and get a new application environment up and running. Additionally, since most of these tasks are handled manually, there is potential to introduce unnecessary complexity and risk which disrupts the overall development flow.

Our Approach

The company partnered with Rearc to build out a fully automated, self-service platform for engineers to build, deploy and manage their applications. Rearc engaged with various technology teams such as Software Architecture, Cloud, Engineering, Security, Development and Operations to implement and operationalize containers.


The developer platform was built with end to end continuous integration and deployment automation allowing engineers to go from zero (code commit) to sixty (deploy) in minutes. The platform allowed engineers to launch new software projects in a standardized, approved way in minutes instead of weeks. We designed and implemented the necessary security, operations and process integrations to manage, deploy and operate containers.


Leveraging our platform based solution, engineers were able to build, deploy and manage almost any type of application in a fully automated self-service way.

  • Achieved continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) with centralized logging, monitoring and alerting.
  • Enabled rapid experimentation for engineering teams.
  • Achieved operational and security excellence at scale.

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